In addition to the Structusol aluminium support system for tiled terraces, SOLIDOR now brings the Deqsol aluminium support system for the installation of terraces with wooden or composite terraces. The idea behind this was to avoid the rotting of underlying beams and extend the life of your terrace.

Compatible with Comfort and Premium pedestals

Additional benefits associated with this product:

  • Rot-proof
  • No deformation of the aluminium system possible
  • Extra stability
  • The placement uses the C-Clip and C2-Clip top plates, which results in time gain because it is not necessary to screw into the aluminium beam
  • Power cables and utilities can easily be placed under the terrace
  • Additional air circulation between wooden or composite terraces by means of joints and accessories
  • More than 80% of the aluminium used in our Deqsol comes from recycled aluminium



  • 2,3 m/ 90,55 in long
  • Thickness:
    30 mm
    1,18 inch

Top plate


  • Top plate specially designed for inserting the Structusol Comfort profile
  • Two holes on outer sides for cable ties to attach cables to the top plate
  • Height:
    10 mm
    0,39 inch


  • Top plate specially designed for inserting the Structusol Premium profile

  • Height:
    10 mm
    0,39 inch


FC - Frontal connector

  • used as a connecting piece between the two bars

LC - Lateral connector

  • is attached to the end of the Deqsol system
  • serves for the open joint between the wall and the terrace
  • can be combined perpendicularly over the full length

LC - Lateral connector Inox L

  • serves as a connector along the long side
  • contains four holes in which four screws are attached, to secure the beams


  • No visible screws on the terrace surface
  • Prevents flooding
  • Extends the life span of your terrace
  • Height:
    10 mm
    0,39 inch

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