Benefits of installing a terrace using adjustable terrace pedestals


Are you planning to create a new terrace? Then you might consider proceeding with the installation using adjustable terrace pedestals. Terrace pedestals offer various advantages when compared to traditional terrace constructions. Below, we highlight some of the benefits.

1. Open joints

Terraces constructed on adjustable terrace pedestals can be placed on different substrates, except for sandy soil. The use of terrace pedestals results in open joints between the tiles. At SOLIDOR, for tiled terraces we offer three joint widths: 2mm, 3mm, and 6mm. Depending on the joint width, water can easily drain off the terrace and into the open joints. This prevents issues that might occur in traditional concrete-tiled terraces, such as cracks forming in the joints due to frozen water, thereby extending the lifespan of your terrace. Furthermore, with a terrace laid on adjustable terrace pedestals, it's possible to readjust the supports as needed, ensuring the desired stability is maintained.

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2. Sustainability

Opting for a terrace with adjustable pedestals contributes to sustainability. The adjustable terrace pedestals from SOLIDOR are made from 98% recycled plastics, minimizing the environmental impact. No waste is generated during the production process, and the previously used terrace pedestals can be reused. Discover through this link how SOLIDOR is playing its part in a sustainable world.

3. Thermal insulation

Adjustable terrace pedestals provide enhanced thermal insulation. The air gap between the floor and the insulation layer allows for a continuous air circulation, thereby prolonging the insulating properties of the membrane. Additionally, in the event of a leak or other issue, tiles or wooden planks can be easily removed for repair and then reinstalled without any damage.

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4. Wiring or pipes easily installed beneath the terrace

A terrace supported by adjustable terrace pedestals provides ample space underneath the tiles or wooden/composite planks. This open space makes it easy to install wiring or pipes beneath the terrace without damaging them, and with convenient access whenever necessary.

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5. Easy installation and adjustment

Adjustable terrace pedestals are straightforward to install and customize. They are modular, allowing for easy height adjustments. Additionally, they can correct uneven surfaces through their slope correctors, simplifying the terrace laying process.

Moreover, dismantling the terrace and reusing the adjustable terrace pedestals is simple. Installation videos are always available on our website for further guidance.

6. Flexibility

With adjustable terrace pedestals, it's possible to construct the terrace at various heights above the screed, offering several advantages. Firstly, these pedestals can be used to level differences and even create a terrace on a slope. In such scenarios, the slope correctors from our range serve as the perfect complement. Furthermore, our adjustable terrace pedestals ensure a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor flooring, significantly enhancing the sense of space and making the terrace more accessible for the elderly and wheelchair users.

An additional advantage of working with SOLIDOR adjustable terrace pedestals is the ability to install terraces year-round, regardless of the weather. Unlike traditional methods like screed and adhesive, the pedestals can be placed even during wet months. This unprecedented flexibility allows for the execution of the terrace project at any desired time, without being dependent on weather conditions.

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7. Protection of the substrate

Terrace pedestals ensure the preservation of the underlying substrate, such as roofing or a waterproof layer. The terrace is placed on top of the terrace pedestals, thus avoiding direct contact with the substrate. Any loads, such as the weight of the terrace and its occupants, are evenly distributed across the terrace pedestals. This prevents the terrace from exerting direct pressure on the substrate, which could potentially cause damage. Additionally, terrace pedestals serve as a lightweight alternative to using screed, reducing the overall weight of your construction.

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This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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