Protective rubber or Rubber adaptor


Why use a Protective rubber or Rubber adaptor for the installation of your terrace?

When do you use a Protective Rubber or EPDM Solid Rubber Adaptor? That is a question we hear quite often and to which we can easily answer.

Our accessories’range includes the Protective Rubber Large which can be used for both wooden and tiled terraces and which is installed under the adjustable terrace pedestal.

Additionally, we also propose the EPDM Solid Rubber Adaptor which can only be used for tiled terraces. This accessory is installed on top of the upper plate and has two cuts, which ensure that the piece can be easily divided into 4 pieces. These pieces can be used to make a bump in your terrace invisible. Below we enlist a number of the additional advantages of our two accessories:

  • Protective rubber large (thicknesses available: 3, 5 or 10mm)
    • sound absorbing
    • cushioning
    • water-resistant protective layer
    • anti-slip
  • EPDM solid rubber adaptor (thicknesses available: 1, 2 or 3mm)
    • sound absorbing
    • cushioning
    • water-resistant protective layer

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