Discover the versatility of SOLIDOR’s Comfort range!


At SOLIDOR, we are committed to quality and innovation. We are proud of our products and want you to know every possibility we offer. That's why today we are shining the spotlight on our extension pieces of our Comfort range.

Within the Comfort range, we offer six different pedestals with heights ranging from 23mm to 170mm. But that's just the beginning! With our extension pieces, the F30 and AF100, you can elevate your terrace to new heights:

1. F30:

Height: 30mm

Placement: Between the pedestal and the top plate.

Stackability: This pedestal can be stacked with up to 9 extension pieces, giving you flexibility in height adjustment.

2. AF100:

Height: 100mm

Placement: Between the bottom part of the pedestal and the top part.

Attachment: Equipped with threaded screws for a firm attachment.

Stackability: Just like the F30, the AF100 can be stacked with up to 9 extension pieces.

Combining the extensions is also possible:

Furthermore, you can combine the AF100 and F30 for ultimate height flexibility, with a maximum extension of 1 meter.

Lastly, at SOLIDOR, we aim to cater to various terrace situations. Whether it's a wooden terrace or a tiled one, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs.

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