How can you finish the edges of a tiled terrace?


When installing a terrace with ceramic tiles or concrete tiles on adjustable pedestals, you should take a number of factors into account. Such as the joint width, what size tiles will be used, how will the terrace be finished, are there visible edges that also need to be finished, and so on. Today we will consider the terrace finishing, more specifically giving the visible edges a beautiful finish.

In recent years, we have sought a solution to this problem and launched two innovations, such as the Edge Finish Stackable and the Inox L. But when is the best time to use which product? Below you will find the differences between these two solutions:

Edge Finish Stackable


When to use it?

When installing a tiled terrace on adjustable pedestals.

When installing a tiled terrace on adjustable pedestals, this is combined with the Structusol system.


Visible edges, possibility to finish one step.

Visible edges, can also serve as a step system so that multiple steps can be made with this system.


Consists of two parts: one part is placed under the adjustable pedestal, the other part is placed on top of the pedestal, on the top plate.

Consists of one part and is pushed into the Structusol slat on both sides. This system is attached by means of four Structusol Fasteners.

Visibility on the terrace surface

Low visibility of aluminium at the edges.

Completely invisible


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