SOLIDOR has updated its catalogs and announces its leave of absence!


Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that our tile and wood catalogs have been updated! We have been working hard to provide you with the latest information on our products and novelties.

What is new?

  • Addition of new brands and products:
    • The new brands CRIX and LINUP have been introduced to our catalogs. They were given a completely new identity, as they were too different from our terrace pedestals range.
    • The catalog for tiles:
      • SOLIDOR now has an EPD certificate for minimal carbon impact.
      • New calculator to provide more accurate terrace calculations.
      • Expansion of the Comfort range with Protective Rubber + PE film underlayer (Advantages such as: sound absorbing, cushioning, water resistance).
      • Expansion within the Structusol range, this with the Structusol XL support system. This aluminum support system distinguishes itself from the ordinary Structusol profile by its height, which means that fewer supports are needed to support the terrace.
      • Launch of the CRIX leveling system.
    • The catalog for wooden and composite:
      • Similar to the tile catalog, the EPD certificate, new calculator and Protective Rubber + PE film underlayer were added.
      • New accessory was added to the Comfort range, namely the Waterproof Strip 50 mm.
      • Expansion of the Firesol range with new adjustable pedestals and FS CPV+ top plate.
      • LINUP range has been added.
  • Visual and size:
    • New reference photos for an updated view.
    • Catalog size modified to A4 for better readability. The front contains terrace pedestals, the backside incorporates the new ranges.

Why this innovation? We aim to improve your experience by providing quick access to the most relevant information so you are able to make informed choices.


Holiday announcement:

We would like to announce that SOLIDOR will go on leave from the 20th of July 2024 to the 4th of August 2024. Enjoy the summer break!

Yours sincerely,
The SOLIDOR team