Here are some tips for installing a terrace on adjustable terrace pedestals:


If you have plans to install a terrace on adjustable pedestals in the near future, it is important to consider some crucial aspects before starting the installation. Below you will find valuable information to assist you with your project.

The thickness of the tiles or the type of beams for a wooden terrace

The thickness of the tiles is crucial and it is recommended to select tiles with a minimum thickness of 2 cm. Placing thinner tiles on our adjustable terrace pedestals is not recommended as it can lead to tile breakage. Depending on the tile type, further details can be found in the following article:


In the case of wooden terraces, the type of beam plays a less crucial role compared to tiles.

Number of terrace pedestals per tile

Properly supporting your terrace is of great importance. Use our calculator to determine the correct quantity of terrace pedestals based on the chosen tile size. For tiles with minimum dimensions of 300x300 mm, an adjustable pedestal is placed at each corner. For tile sizes larger than 600x600 mm, an additional adjustable terrace pedestal is needed in the middle of the tile. In the case of non-square tiles, the number of pedestals depends on the laying direction. In such cases and for tiles larger than 600x600, the Structusol aluminium support system is often recommended for optimal support of the entire tile.

For open sides of the terrace, we recommend the use of the Sticksol self-adhesive top plate. This top plate has a bitumen adhesive layer that prevents the tiles from shifting.


The placement of adjustable pedestals

When installing a tiled or wooden terrace, it is ideal to place the adjustable pedestals at a distance of 40 to 60 cm from each other. This optimal distance provides sufficient support for your terrace.

Strength of the adjustable pedestals

SOLIDOR adjustable pedestals are designed to withstand heavy loads. With a load capacity of 2,400 kg/m², they provide a solid and reliable foundation for your terrace project. Depending on the height of the terrace, if there are any questions regarding heights higher than 200 mm, you can always contact us for advice.

Suitable substrates for pedestals:

Adjustable terrace pedestals can be installed on various substrates such as enclosed gravel, stabilized soil, screed, or concrete. They offer a better alternative to traditional methods such as adhesive, as they prevent frozen water from causing cracks in the joints. However, the use of adjustable pedestals on sandy soil is not recommended.


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