The CRIX range is expanding!


A few months ago, we launched a new range on the market called the CRIX levelling system. This range was launched for the installation of interior floors and walls. As from today, we are introducing an extension to this range, but this time for outdoor floors, called the Clips XL. These clips can also be combined with the CRIX wedge.

The CRIX range: An evolution in flooring for outdoor terraces

At the time, SOLIDOR developed the CRIX range to support installers with enhanced installation methods. This range, which includes an innovative wedge and 4 clips for indoor floors and walls, now also has a line for outdoor floors, called the Clips XL. The Clips XL comprises two joint widths, measuring 3 and 5 mm. These clips were introduced to the market for the installation of outdoor floors.

Design modifications provide accuracy and a smooth installation, including a useful tiling tool for easy assembly. By listening to installers needs and working closely with professionals in the industry, SOLIDOR has created a range that not only meets but even exceeds market requirements. By offering the CRIX range, SOLIDOR aims to enable installers to carry out their work more efficiently and accurately, resulting in a better quality end product for customers.


The clips XL can be used for tiles between 12 and 22 mm thick. Not only are the clips XL easy to install, but they also break off at the provided spot below (where it is refined), avoiding residue in the joint between tiles.

EN clips

As with the clips for indoor flooring, the CRIX wedge allows the installation of outdoor flooring. The CRIX wedge is no ordinary wedge, but one made from high-quality recycled industrial waste. Thanks to its innovative angled top, it puts an end to hitches with tiles of different heights. This enables installers to place tiles effortlessly. The wedge is made out of sustainable material, guaranteeing long-lasting use for various wall, terrace and floor installations.

For more information about our SOLIDOR CRIX leveling system, we invite you to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you.

Thank you for your continued support, and we are proud to mention that production is entirely carried out in Belgium. Together, we are working to improve tile installations.

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