Find out how easy it is to use our fire-free pedestals - Firesol when installing a tile terrace here

The Firesol range consists of six modular terrace pedestals, starting with a minimum height of 35 mm and can go up to 220 mm.

The great advantage of using these pedestals is that they are fireproof and have a high bearing capacity, so they can handle 3 tons per pedestal. The pedestals each have a locking ring (=level control) and comply with the Euroclass A1 standard.

These Firesol pedestals can be used for the installation of a wooden terrace, as well as a terrace with tiles. In addition, SOLIDOR also has a top plate with 3 mm joint for a terrace with tiles. This top plate is made of galvanised metal and the lugs can be easily broken off with pliers. In addition, this top plate can also be combined with a bitumen adhesive layer, which is mechanically attached to the top plate. This top plate ensures an extremely solid connection between the pedestal and the tile and also gives extra stability to your terrace.


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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