Structusol range – Structusol Edge Finish

Discover here how easy it is to use our Structusol Edge Finish.

Some time ago, the Structusol range was launched on the market for the easy placement of large-format tiles, but there are also a number of additional advantages associated with this range. What did not yet exist before in the Structusol range was an edge finish system for the edges parallel to the Structusol aluminium support system.

From today, SOLIDOR will launch the Structusol Edge Finish Stackable system on the market. This metal piece allows you to finish off the visible edges of your terrace nicely with the Structusol system, this in combination with the bottom piece of the classic Edge Finish Stackable of the Comfort range. Contact adhesive needs to be placed against the metal piece with our S-logo. This metal piece is then attached to the ceramic tile, which rests on the bottom piece of the Comfort edge finish.


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