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The SOLIDOR adjustable pedestal calculator

Did you know that we now have a SOLIDOR adjustable pedestal calculator?

In the past it was difficult to determine the number of adjustable pedestals based on your surface area. The form of your terrace is an important factor here. To make the calculation of adjustable pedestals easier for you, we have developed an adjustable pedestals calculator.

This adjustable pedestal calculator is the ideal tool to help you calculate the number of adjustable pedestals, Structusol aluminum system, Sticksol and the necessary accessories you need for your terrace.

This handy app is constantly updated with the latest products. In order to give you as a customer the best possible advice for your order.

This app is available on our website, if you want to try it out directly you can click on the image below or on the link:


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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