Crucial tips for successfully installing terraces on adjustable terrace pedestals


The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and we are eager to welcome the new year with you. As a valued partner in your terrace projects using our adjustable terrace pedestals, we want to prepare you for a successful and worry-free 2024. Therefore, we are sharing some essential tips for safely and sustainably installing terraces on our adjustable terrace pedestals.

  1. SOLIDOR top plates for tiled terraces

    Our top plates feature ridges that play a crucial role during installation. It is important that when placing tiles on the pedestals with top plates, the tiles are positioned flush against these ridges. This prevents shifting and damage to the tiles, especially when they are walked upon. If a tile is placed against a wall on one side, we recommend using our convenient Wall Finishing accessory. This provides additional stability, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage.

  2. Comfort or Premium pedestal

    When adjusting the height of the terrace pedestals, it is crucial to remember that the pedestal cannot be fully extended. The screw thread system should be partially retracted. This ensures optimal support for your terrace tiles, preventing instability and ensuring sufficient load-bearing capacity. It's similar to finding the right balance—overextending can lead to stability problems and inadequate tile support.

  3. Tile thickness

    It is highly recommended to choose ceramic terrace tiles with a minimum thickness of 20 mm when using adjustable terrace pedestals. Thinner tiles may break and should be avoided. For natural stone tiles, a thickness of at least 30 mm is required, and it is advisable to seek advice from the supplier, taking into account the compressive strength of the chosen natural stone. Always check the technical specifications of the tiles with the supplier to ensure they are suitable for use with adjustable terrace pedestals.

  4. Correct quantity of terrace pedestals
    Properly supporting your terrace is essential for durability and aesthetics. Our handy SOLIDOR calculator helps you determine the correct quantity of terrace pedestals based on the chosen tile size. For tiles with a minimum size of 300x300 mm, we recommend placing a terrace pedestal at each corner for stability. For larger tile sizes, such as 600x600 mm, we recommend an additional adjustable terrace pedestal in the center of the tile for optimal stability. The quantity of terrace pedestals for non-square tiles depends on the laying direction, but we have solutions for every scenario. For tiles larger than 600x600 mm, we offer our advanced Structusol aluminum support system for unparalleled support. Additionally, for open sides of the terrace, we recommend using the self-adhesive top plate Sticksol for extra stability.

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Lastly, we would like to inform you that SOLIDOR will be taking a brief break during the Christmas period. Our factory will be closed from December 25th through January 2nd, 2024.

We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and trust in our products. Together, we aim for successful, sustainable terrace projects, so you can fully enjoy outdoor living on your beautiful terraces in the coming year.

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