Finishing options for a rooftop terrace with adjustable terrace pedestals


In the world of terrace design and construction, numerous factors play a crucial role. From height and joint width to slope and more, there are various considerations that are essential for the installation of a successful terrace. However, alongside these technical aspects, there is another element that is often overlooked but is of great importance for terrace installation: the finishing of the invisible edges. While edges on a rooftop terrace may appear simple at first glance, they can, in reality, pose a complex challenge.

Straight adjacent walls.

In certain situations during the finishing of terraces, installers sometimes choose to cut their PV-Comfort pedestals into half pedestals. Although this option is available, it compromises the functionality of the pedestals. This results in the loss of the ability to use the rotation system, leads to additional plastic waste, reduces the load-bearing capacity, and ultimately requires extra time during installation.


To address this problem, the AK adjustable perimeter pedestals were introduced in the past. These perimeter pedestals provide perfect support for the upright edges of your terrace, ensuring that your terrace receives full support up to the edges. This avoids the limitations of cutting the pedestals and enables you to achieve a high-quality and functional finish. In our AK range, we offer two perimeter pedestals, namely AK 3.5/5 (35-50 mm) and AK 5/8 (50-80 mm). These can be increased in height using extension pieces (F30 or AF100), and the slopes can be adjusted using the automatic slope corrector HA5.

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Curved adjacent wall

When a terrace is adjacent to roofing that is not finished at a 90-degree angle, there is no space to support the tile or wooden/composite planks all the way to the end. In this situation, the AK adjustable perimeter pedestal is unable to fully support the terrace at the edges. To address this issue, the Structusol or Deqsol aluminium support system can be used. Here, the support is placed at the edge adjacent to the curved wall, and the aluminium strip is simply extended over the curved surface. The maximum distance the aluminium strip can extend, measured from the support, is 10 cm. This allows you to place the tiles or wooden planks perfectly flat against the curved wall, while maintaining sufficient stability for the terrace.

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With these various options for finishing a rooftop terrace using adjustable terrace pedestals, you can create a beautiful terrace. Whether you're dealing with straight adjacent walls or curved adjacent walls, SOLIDOR offers a range of solutions that provide complete support and stability for your terrace, even at the edges.


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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