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As a manufacturer in the search for solutions to install terraces in a simple and ecologically responsible manner, we always find it important to come up with new and better innovations. That is why, in addition to our terrace bases, we looked for a possible solution for driveways, car parks or ornamental gardens.

As of today, we are offering gravel grids with our range of terrace bases, under the name Graviersol. Gravel grids are mainly used for reinforcing, for example, driveways, parking spaces, gardens, access roads and terraces. In addition, they prevent rutting and the accumulation and settlement of water. Making the gravel stable increases the bearing capacity of the surface without the risk of tyre tracks and potholes.

We offer our gravel grid in two colours, namely in white and black.

Some advantages when using our gravel grids:

  • Easy placement
  • Natural look
  • 100% recycled material
  • Strong coupling system
  • No more ruts or potholes
  • Geotextile density 90 gr/m²
  • UV Resistant

You will find more information on our website, as well as an installation video via our Tips&Tricks.


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