Soon be needing ideas to lay a wooden terrace?


The good weather is back in our country. Time to enjoy the sunshine to the full again, and what better place to do so than on your own terrace? Besides building a tiled terrace, it is often also an option to build a terrace with wooden planks. This choice is possible both on our Comfort range and on our Premium range.

Are you planning to lay a wooden terrace soon, but you are worried about the terrace’s limited lifespan due to rotting underlying beams? Then we have some useful solutions. First and foremost, you must consider the choice of pedestal, depending on the height of the substrate.

  • Premium: solution for low heights => 17 mm to 48 mm;
  • Comfort: starts from 35 mm and is possible up to 1 m, by using our extension pieces.

You must always place an upper plate on the pedestal. For wooden terraces, we designed the CPV+ and the C2V+ support plates.

  • CPV+ => Comfort range;
  • C2V+ => Premium range.

These top plates offer five different mounting options and solve the problem that not everyone uses support plates in the same way. Everybody has their own preference for laying the wooden beams and we have designed this system to make it as simple as possible for you.

Montagemogelijkheden CPV


Our terrace pedestals and top plates are concealed under the terrace planks, but if you prefer not to see the screws on top of your terrace surface, you can also choose to use our Solastick. You place this handy solution between the beam and the terrace plank, and it provides additional advantages such as:

  • Preventing flooding;
  • Extending the lifespan.

Waterproof strip

In addition to the options when using the Solastick accessory, the contact noise should also be taken into account. In order to reduce this noise, we placed the waterproof strip on the market. This accessory prevents the planks and the beam from coming into direct contact, because you attach the waterproof strip to the beam. It has the advantage that the EPDM layer provides protection against shocks and it also protects the beam against water seepage. This prevents the underlying support beams from rotting.



Last but not least, we also have the SOLIDOR Spacer. This accessory offers a solution to give the joints an equalwidth. Additional advantages when using our spacers are to prevent flooding and extend the lifespan of your terrace.


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