New in our range: HA5 and Liftsol

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Building a stable and qualitative terrace is easy with our SOLIDOR adjustable pedestals. As a pioneer in the business, we believe it is always important to come out with new and better solutions.

HA5 - automatic level corrector

When you start with the installation of a terrace, uneveness is sometimes observed. This uneveness cannot be eliminated by the adjustable pedestal, but it can be concealed with a slope corrector. Previously, we only had the HS2 fixed slope corrector in our Comfort range, but recently we also launched the HA5:

  • Consists of two parts, the red and the black part, which need to be put together.
  • Automatically corrects slope differences up to 5%.
  • Compatible with the SOLIDOR top plates & pedestals.

HA5 installation video

LIFTSOL - foundation system

"Avoid earthworks and choose the Liftsol foundation system."

In addition to our Comfort, Premium and Structusol ranges, the Liftsol foundation system is now also available. The SOLIDOR foundation system, known as Liftsol, offers the possibility to use soft surfaces to place a terrace without use from a concrete base plate.
By means of long screws, a stable base can be made, which can be combined with our top plates. We have two foundation screws in our range:

  • Liftsol XL: screw 65 cm long, height: 150 mm;
  • Liftsol S: screw 65 cm long, height: 40 mm.

The height of the screw can be important of the height of your terrace. There is also the possibility to raise your terrace each time by using extensions, up to a height of 1 meter.
This foundation system fits for:

  • Any surface except sandy ground;
  • Can be used for installing wooden terraces as well as terraces with tiles.

The LIFTSOL foundation system is recently offered in a box. This box contains the following elements:

  • 4 x screw;
  • 4 x A3.5/5;
  • 4 x LSR5/8;
  • 10 x extension piece F30;
  • 4 x HA5 ;
  • 4 x CPV+.

LIFTSOL installation video

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