SOLIDOR Rubber & Products in a completely new look!

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We started the new year with a new chapter!

The family business Solidor Rubber & Products, has been present for 3 generations in the world of adjustable pedestals, rubber solutions and flexible technical extruded profiles mainly for the construction and industrial sectors. Our challenges are to guarantee you, the customer, the best service possible. Hence the decision to divide our 3 departments and give each department its own identity. This keeps each department up-to-date with the latest production techniques and developments.

Which 3 departments?

  1. SOLIDOR remains the brand name for the manufacturing of adjustable pedestals with a complete new corporate identity & website.
  2. RUBIDOR becomes the brand name for our wide range of customized rubber and plastic solutions.
  3. Dextr becomes the brand name for flexible and technical Extrusion profiles.

Be sure to check out our new websites and contact us for more information!

Thank you for the trust in our company!
Emmanuel and Olivier Dejans


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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