SOLIDOR unveils another new feature!


Simply removing something from under your wooden terrace without having to completely demolish it, this exists.

Things like leaves, rubbish and so on can all end up under your terrace. But this always has to be cleaned up so as to avoid clogging up under the terrace. A hatch is provided in the wooden terrace to give you a simple way of reaching the bottom of the terrace. The hatch is the base to which the Solaswitch is attached.

Using our Solaswitch is easy! The Solaswitch, which serves as a lock, is underneath the hatch. A screw is placed in the middle of each triangle. Do not drill them in completely but make sure they can still rotate. Place the hatch in the hole and then turn the Solaswitch so that there is no more wind uplift.

Some advantages of the Solaswitch:

  • Easy to use and install
  • Can always be placed at the bottom of the terrace surface
  • Can also be connected to electricity and pipes


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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