What options do we offer for a terrace with tiles?

Sticksol kopie

Would you like to build a terrace on adjustable pedestals during the summer but still have doubts about the choice of the various top plates for your terrace. These different top plates are explained in detail below.

Top plates with different joint widths

For our Comfort range we designed several top plates, taking into account the different joint width.

  • C2/4T
    • Joint width: 2mm
  • C3/4T
    • Joint width: 3mm
  • C6/4T
    • Joint width: 6mm

The choice between these three models is completely free. Some people choose a narrow joint and others choose a wide joint. But it remains important to have a joint between the tiles. This allows the water lying on the tiles to seep away in an easy way.

Sticksol - self-adhesive top plate

In addition to these top plates, since 2020 we also have the Sticksol. This self-adhesive layer is attached to the top plate of your choice.

Additional benefits:

  • Reduces transmitted noise by 75%
  • With self-adhesive layer to prevent the tiles from rattling
  • Reduces the effect of wind uplift on tiles up to Beaufort scale 11
  • Extensively tested in a Voxdale wind tunnel

This top plate prevents the tiles from moving or clicking and is placed between the adjustable pedestal and the tile.

The Sticksol top plate is available in three different joint widths: 2, 3 and 6mm.

Flat top plate

We also have the C0 top plate, which has no upstands. This top plate is used when installing large format tiles, larger than 60x60. With large format tiles, an adjustable pedestal is placed along each tile, but an adjustable pedestal must also be placed in the middle of the tile. This is to provide additional support for the tile.


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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