Year-round enjoyment with adjustable terrace pedestals


First and foremost, we wish you and the SOLIDOR team a Happy New Year. We hope you can look back on the past year with satisfaction.

Although 2024 begins with cold temperatures below freezing, we want to let you know that adjustable pedestals are a great option for installing your terrace, regardless of the weather conditions.

The weatherproof solution for terrace installation

When the beautiful weather is coming, people are eager to enjoy their beautiful installed terrace. Regardless of weather conditions, a terrace on adjustable pedestals can be installed year-round. Listed below are some advantages over the traditional solution:

  • Open joints
    In a traditionally constructed terrace, the joints are filled. When frozen water accumulates, cracks can form in the joints. This can cause the filled joints to crack or become damaged.
    When installing a terrace on adjustable pedestals, there are no closed joints. The open joints allow water to easily seep under the terrace. An added benefit is that there are no drying times, so you can start enjoying your terrace immediately.
  • Easy and quick installation:
    When installing a terrace in the traditional way, there is a waiting period until the adhesive or mortar would have hardened, with adjustable pedestals this is not an issue. When laying a tiled or wooden terrace, it is ideal to place the adjustable pedestals at a distance of 40 to 60 cm from each other. This optimal distance ensures sufficient support for your terrace.

  • Suitable for various substrates
    Terrace pedestals can be placed on a variety of substrates, except for sandy soil. They give the flexibility to place a terrace regardless of the type of subsoil, you don't need to worry about issues like ground frost that can occur during winter.

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