Sustainability within our company

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1. EcoVadis

In late 2022, SOLIDOR bv's sustainability policy was evaluated by EcoVadis, receiving a score of 60/100 and earning the company a bronze medal. The report focused on the company's performance in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement, and benchmarked it against similar companies in the sector.

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2. Green goal

The Green Goal is one of our top priorities at SOLIDOR. We attach great importance to minimizing our impact on the environment and supporting sustainable initiatives. As part of this commitment, we contribute to the GoForest initiative, which aims to reforest deforested areas. By doing so, we help to support the local population and create additional employment opportunities.

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3. Renewable energy

To reduce our carbon footprint, we installed solar panels on the roof of our factory a few years ago. As a result, 50% of our production runs on green energy, which has significantly contributed to our efforts to promote sustainability.

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4. Partnerships with Educational Institutions and Sheltered Workshops

As a leading manufacturer of adjustable pedestals, SOLIDOR recognizes the importance of investing in the future and working closely with the next generation. That's why we have established partnerships with educational institutions to introduce young people to our adjustable terrace pedestals and collaborate on ways to improve our products in the future. By fostering this cooperation, we not only contribute to the development of young talent but also strive to enhance our sustainable and innovative practices.

We also collaborate with the sheltered workshop WAAK to pack certain products from our range. By working with WAAK, we not only support their mission but also prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in our operations.


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