Find out some of the benefits of choosing SOLIDOR Terrace Pedestals


In today’s market, terrace pedestals come in different variants. As a pioneer in the field, it is therefore important to always stand out with your own product. For example, SOLIDOR not only took account of the appearance, but also the shape of the pedestals and the surface on which they rest. Here are some important things that SOLIDOR continues to take into account as a pioneer:

1. More than 300 cm² support surface

The larger the support surface, the better. When designing the terrace pedestals, not only did we take account of the shape, but also the surface on which the pedestals will rest.

It is important to make the support surface as large as possible so that no underlying cracks can occur in the roof cladding. For this purpose, we designed our pedestals with a support surface greater than 300 cm², and we avoid water damage due to cracks.

2. Flat base plate

In addition, it is also very important to take into account the base plate of the pedestal. Did you know that this is beautifully smooth and rounded? But why exactly did we choose such a base plate?

Of course, we did not choose this base plate without good reason. For example, we chose a flat base plate where the edges are rounded off upwards. The use of this base plate avoids damage to the roof cladding.

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3. Circularity within SOLIDOR

As a pioneer in the field, it is also important to take account of sustainability. Our products are designed and produced entirely in Belgium, in Wevelgem to be precise. Our adjustable terrace pedestals are also made of recycled plastics for minimal environmental impact. There is no waste during the production process and used terrace pedestals can be reused or recycled in in-house production, for a completely circular life cycle.

Our terrace pedestals can also be reused, so it is easy to change the top plate if you want to change from a tiled terrace to a wooden terrace surface.

In addition, we have also been assessed by Ecovadis. This organisation is the most trusted provider of sustainability assessments, business information and performance improvement tools for international supply chains. Recently, we received a bronze medal from Ecovadis where we received 50/100 for our products, which is a good rating.

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4. Tested and proven

Finally, it is therefore important to test the products sufficiently. Our systems are continually tested and are stable, wind-resistant and water-permeable. We manufacture them entirely in-house and test them under the most extreme weather conditions. We can always provide you with these reports if necessary.


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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