High quality adjustable terrace pedestals with our Comfort range


Since 1978, we have been active in the injection moulding of high-quality adjustable terrace pedestals for ceramic or concrete tiles, wooden decking, plastic boards and metal grids. Not only do our pedestals create a larger bearing surface to guarantee that the tiles are less likely to slant, but they also offer ultimate modularity and flexibility thanks to the universal interchangeability of all their parts. Discover our options below:

Adjustable terrace pedestals: wall version

In our Comfort range, we also offer our AK range in addition to our PV pedestals. These pedestals were launched on the market as a solution for supporting tiles along the sides of your terrace. Like our PV range, our AK range supports ceramic tiles, natural stone, concrete tiles and wooden planks. These adjustable pedestals must be combined with our SOLIDOR top plates of your choice. The AK range offers the possibility of placing terrace pedestals as close as possible to the end of a terrace or against the wall without them being noticed.

New: Automatic slope corrector HA5

Our automatic slope corrector was recently introduced to the market under the name HA5. This automatic slope corrector is combined with a SOLIDOR adjustable terrace pedestal of your choice. In addition to our HS2, we have now also developed the HA5. This slope corrector automatically corrects slope differences from 0 to 5 percent. The HA5 can be mounted on the PV and can be combined with our various accessories.

New: Liftsol — A foundation system for wooden planks and tiles

We recently launched our foundation system Liftsol on the market as well. This foundation system makes regular foundation work unnecessary. The Liftsol consists of a foundation screw and the LSR5/8. This foundation screw has a length of 65 cm and is screwed into the ground. The LSR5/8 is fitted on top of the foundation screw to set the desired height and is then combined with a top plate of your choice. The shape of our screw has many advantages, such as environmental friendliness and quick mounting. Also, you no longer need to use concrete to install this foundation screw, it can be placed directly in the subsoil.

Solastick: an invisible fixation for a terrace with wooden planks

We do not sit still, this was also confirmed with our invention of the Solastick. The Solastick is a plastic slat made of reinforced polypropylene and placed between the beam and the wooden plank. This slat provides an invisible screwed fastening to the underlying beams. In addition to invisibility, this invention also offers another advantage, such as the prevention of flooding through optimal ventilation because the planks are not fixed directly onto the beams.

Sound-damping terraces

The comfort range consists not only of our terrace pedestals, but also of a range of accessories. Our range of accessories includes accessories such as fitting pieces and protective rubbers. The fitting pieces and the protective rubbers provide a sound-damping to shock-absorbing and water-resistant protective layer.

For more information about our range you can download our brochure. Stay informed of the latest news via our Solidor Facebookpage and LinkedIn page.


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