A terrace on adjustable terrace pedestals around a swimming pool is a must


A swimming pool in the garden is quite the trend and certainly ideal for some refreshment with this beautiful weather. But around the pool there should also be a terrace, where you can go on enjoying a little. You can choose to place this on a paved surface, but this is certainly also possible on adjustable terrace pedestals, both for wooden terrace planks and a terrace on adjustable terrace pedestals with tiles.

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Often, people choose to conceal the drain as much as possible on their terrace surface. Because of this choice, you can opt to work with adjustable terrace pedestals. This makes your terrace float over the surface. This has the advantage that you can install drainage, as well as conduits, under the tiles.

A terrace on adjustable terrace pedestals always has open joints and this is not without reason. The open joints allow the water to reach the drain and thus seep away. You can easily remove the tile if any clogging up were still to occur. An additional advantage of the open joints is the additional air circulation between the pedestal and the tile.

There is also a simple way of installing a wooden terrace on adjustable terrace pedestals. For this, SOLIDOR launched the Solaswitch. A hatch is provided on the wooden terrace surface with the Solaswitch mounted underneath. The hatch is placed between the terrace planks and by turning the Solaswitch, the hatch can be attached to the terrace surface, so that wind uplift can be avoided.


Is the soil lower than your home/pool or is it not completely flat? Don’t worry, they can adjust the height and slope of the terrace pedestals so that your terrace is completely level, regardless of the uneven surface. In addition, there is a possibility to go from 1 cm to 1 metre high with the SOLIDOR terrace pedestals.

Edge Finishing

The visible edges of the terrace must also be beautifully finished. In recent years, SOLIDOR has been actively looking for solutions to this problem. This is possible via the Inox L or the SOLIDOR Edge Finish. You can do this for one step but also for several steps. When finishing several steps, you should choose to finish this with the Inox L and Structusol.

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High Bearing Capacity

Terrace pedestals distribute the weight of your terrace planks or tiles over various points. In addition, the adjustable terrace pedestals are very strong and can carry any weight up to 2,400 kilos/m².

Simple to Install

Finally, working with adjustable terrace pedestals is easy to assemble and disassemble via the various accessories.


This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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