A terrace with large format tiles


Large format tiles are becoming extremely popular when installing a terrace. The support is important to guarantee sufficient stability for your terrace. But which SOLIDOR system is ideally suited for installation?

Large format terrace tiles are the trend for renovations or new construction. These are often less ideal to support with our Comfort range. Two years ago, SOLIDOR launched another solution for this, namely the Structusol support system.

Thanks to our patented aluminium support system, you can now easily install large format tiles. This system offers additional flexibility in terms of stability and laying pattern.

Some additional advantages:

  • Smooth construction;
  • Rubber was integrated into the aluminium. This not only reduces contact noises, but also provides additional strength.
  • Electricity cables and utilities can easily be placed under the terrace.
  • Extra air circulation between the pedestal and tile via joint pieces;
  • Improvement of water drainage.

Our product was also rewarded with two awards. We received the Design X50 Desingregio Kortrijk award and the BTP award in France for our invention. Below are some references, where this has already been installed successfully:

DSC00897 kopie