Electricity cables and adjustable terrace pedestals, a top combination


Installing garden lighting, ‘power’ for your pond pump, providing sockets provided for your electric garden tools, and so on. Electricity in the garden is almost indispensable. By using our adjustable terrace pedestals, electricity cables under your tiles or wooden beams remain easily accessible. But there are more advantages associated with our adjustable terrace pedestals.

Placing electricity in the screed

When installing a classic terrace with a paved surface, the power lines are pre-installed in the screed. This means that you can extend the cables that come from inside under the ground and invisibly in your garden. Once your terrace is fully installed, your conduits are fixed in the screed and you can no longer reach them. So you should think about this carefully beforehand. But our system allows you to do it differently, namely by using our adjustable pedestals.

Power lines always accessible

If you use our adjustable pedestals, the power lines are always accessible under your tiled terrace or wooden beams. If you want to quickly adjust something to your pipes or cables, or if you need to make repairs, you can easily access them via this route.

Save time

Installing a paved terrace is often a time-consuming job. Especially when you also have to install utilities in the screed. A terrace with adjustable pedestals is quicker to install. Your tiles or wooden beams are placed directly on the adjustable supports or, even faster, on an aluminium support system (Structusol). And your conduits? They are easily installed under your terrace. Discover in our handy installation videos how easy it is to install a terrace. Curious about how many terrace pedestals and accessories you need? Calculate it with the recently developed handy calculator.

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This calculator estimates the amount of adjustable pedestals and accessories you need for your project

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